What is the name of Malaysia’s local department store chain?

What is a department store chain?

A large retail store offering a variety of merchandise and services and organized in separate departments.

What departments are in a department store?

Departments vary from store-to-store, but typically include menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, technology, toys, food, household appliances, homewares, shoes, handbags, beauty, accessories, gifts and more. Usually department stores stock a range of different brand products, but some also have their own product lines.

Can a departmental store be a chain store?

A Departmental Store deals with a large number of goods in a large variety. Multiple shops or chain stores deal in the goods of one manufacturer only.

How is a department store organized?

Many department stores use a product organizational structure. They group their departments by various product types, such as housewares, sporting goods, women’s clothing and cosmetics. Department stores use product organizational structures because their departments carry many different lines of products.

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