What is the meaning of Thai New Year?

What does Thai New Year celebrate?

The Songkran Festival, also known as the Traditional Thai New Year, is usually celebrated in mid-April. It is one of Thailand’s grandest and most important events. The Songkran Festival is a time when family and friends gather to pay gratitude to elders and visit temples for prayer and offering.

What does Songkran symbolize?

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival since the former time. It is a celebration that embraces goodwill, love, compassion. and thankfulness, using water as the means of expression. The word Songkran derives from Sanskrit meaning to move or step forward.

What is the origin of Songkran?

The most celebrated of traditions, the Songkran Water Festival derives its name from Sanskrit word “Songkran”, meaning to move or pass into. This ancient festival celebrates the Thai New Year, April 13 through April 15. The origins derive from the ancient Indian Festival of Makar Sankriti.

Why is Songkran in April?

Songkran was the official New Year until 1888, when it was switched to a fixed date of 1 April.

Songkran (Thailand)

New Year celebration, Rot Nam Dam Hua, a traditional celebration of elders.
Official name Songkran Festival
Observed by Thai and Malaysian Siamese
Significance Marks the Thai New Year

Why does Songkran use water?

Thais are celebrating this year’s Songkran festival, also known as the Buddhist New Year. In this image, people sprinkle scented water over a Buddha statue. … Throwing water is meant to wash away bad luck from the previous year.

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What did people do Songkran?

Outside, Songkran is celebrated with street parties featuring loud music and a giant friendly water fight. People collect water in buckets, squirt guns, and anything else they can find, then hit the streets to playfully splash each other. It’s a good thing April is one of the hottest months of the year in Thailand!

Who celebrates Lao New Year?

Lao new years is considered a national holiday in Laos. Government offices are closed for three days to observe the Lao New Year. The first day is the day that people organize the celebration. It includes cleaning the house, preparing food and offerings to the Buddhist monks.