What is the biggest bank in Myanmar?

How many banks are there in Myanmar?

There are a total of 31 local banks and 13 foreign branched banks in Myanmar.

Which bank is in Myanmar?

List of Private Banks

Sr.No Name of Bank Date of Licence Issued
1 Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd 25.5.1992
2. First Private Bank Ltd 25.5.1992
3. CB Bank PCL 3.8.1992
4. Yadanabon Bank Ltd 27.8.1992

Who owns a bank Myanmar?

Central Bank of Myanmar

Seal Headquarters
Headquarters Naypyidaw
Established 3 April 1948 (as Union Bank of Burma)
Ownership 100% state ownership
Governor Than Nyein

Which is the biggest bank in Asia?

Largest Southeast Asian banks by total assets

Rank Bank name Total assets (US$ billion)
1 DBS Bank 491.9
2 OCBC Bank 394.5
3 United Overseas Bank 326.7
4 Maybank 213.0

How many Kbz are there in Myanmar?

KBZ Bank is now Myanmar’s largest privately-owned bank, with over 500 branches. Headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar, KBZ Bank’s vision is to improve the quality of life in Myanmar through banking.

Which bank is best in Myanmar?

Asiamoney Myanmar’s best international bank 2021: OCBC.

What is the Bank of Myanmar?

Overview of Banks in Myanmar. Founded in 1948 as the Union Bank of Burma, the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) acts as the country’s central monetary authority. CBM works to ensure price stability in the financial system. The central bank also supervises financial institutions and state-owned and private banks in Myanmar.

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Is Myanmar a rich or poor country?

For the 2020 estimate, GDP per capita in Myanmar would be USD $5142.20 in PPP per capita and USD $1,608.50 in nominal per capita. This would make Myanmar one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

Which is the Central Bank of Myanmar?

The People’s Bank of the Union of Burma Act was enacted in 1967 and a monolithic bank known as the People’s Bank of the Union of Burma was established in 1969 with the initial paid-up capital of 200 million Kyats that was fully contributed by the State.

How do I open an international bank account in Myanmar?

Account Opening Requirements

  1. Individual / Joint Account. Application Form. Source of Income. …
  2. Company Account. Account opening request company letterhead. Company License (original and Copy) …
  3. (For Foreigners) Individual / Joint Account. Passport. Visa. …
  4. Foreign Investment Company. Certificate of incorporation.