What is Thai dark soy sauce?

How do you make Thai dark soy sauce?


  1. In a small sauce pan, add in the gluten free light soy sauce.
  2. Add in the blackstrap molasses or dark brown sugar and bring the mixture to a boil. …
  3. Turn the heat to low and let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes or until you achieve a syrupy consistency. …
  4. Store in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator.

Is dark soy sauce the same as thick soy sauce?

Thick soy sauces (also called soy paste or soy jam) are sweeter and have a thicker consistency than dark soy sauce. That is due to the addition of sugar, more wheat in the fermentation process, and, sometimes, a starch thickener that is used to make it. It takes only a small amount to add flavor to fried rice dishes.

What is dark soy sauce in Philippines?

Koikuchi shoyu is what we also know as “dark” soy sauce. This is the most commonly found in markets and in households. Kikkoman’s best selling version of the condiment falls under this category. Koikuchi has a deep color and flavor-packed punch –– perfect for dipping and marinades.

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What does dark soy sauce look like?

Dark soy sauce is thicker, darker, and slightly less salty then regular/light soy sauce. It’s almost black and has the look of soy sauce, but reduced. It is used for flavor, but mainly for adding that classic dark caramel color to dishes.

Is Kikkoman dark soy sauce?

For example, Kikkoman’s regular Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce is a dark soy sauce. In Chinese cooking, it’s the opposite: light soy sauce is more common. Bottles will indicate light—sometimes labeled “thin” or “superior”—or dark.

What brands are dark soy sauce?


Kimlan Lou Chau Soy Sauce (Dark Soy) – 20 oz. Buy on Amazon
Chings Dark Soy Sauce 7 Oz Buy on Amazon
Yuasa Dark Soy Sauce, 24.35-Ounce Glass Bottle Buy on Amazon
Blue Dragon Dark Soy Sauce 150ml Buy on Amazon

Can I substitute light soy sauce for dark soy sauce?

When you’ve only got light soy sauce

If a dish calls for dark soy sauce, you can add light soy sauce and a pinch of sugar. Be sure to reduce the dish and caramelize any meat to make up for the lack of dark soy sauce with deep browning. You’ll sacrifice some flavor and color, but you can still make the dish.

What are the ingredients in dark soy sauce?

Premium Dark Soy Sauce

  • Ingredients: Water, salt, caramel color, sugar, soybeans, wheat. Contains soybeans, wheat.
  • Allergens: Soybeans, wheat.
  • Pack Sizes. 16.9 fl oz, Bottle. 59 fl oz, Pail.

Is kecap manis the same as dark soy sauce?

Kecap manis, often referred to as Indonesian soy sauce, is a dark brown, syrupy, Indonesian soy sauce. It has a sweeter flavour than normal soy sauce and usually contains star anise and garlic, in addition to sweeteners such as palm sugar.

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Is Tamari a dark soy sauce?

Same family, but: tamari is the dark soy sauce and favored in Japanese cuisine, and the kind usually found in China is considered the light soy sauce.