What does Phuc mean in Vietnamese?

What does Phuc mean in Vietnam?

What is the meaning of the name Phuc? The name Phuc is primarily a male name of Vietnamese origin that means Blessing, Happines.

How common is the name Phuc?

Phuc Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
Vietnam 40,914 1:2,264
Cambodia 166 1:93,296
United States 88 1:4,118,852
Thailand 30 1:2,354,612

What does Tien in Vietnamese mean?

The name Tien is primarily a female name of Vietnamese origin that means Fairy.

Is Phuc a Chinese name?

Phúc Surname Meaning

Phúc is a last name commonly found in Vietnam among its Chinese community. It is the transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: abbr.

Is Tran a Vietnamese name?

Than: A common family name in Vietnam meaning “brilliant”. Tran: One of the most common last names after “Nguyen”, the name “Tran” has Scottish roots. Vuong: Like “Nguyen”, this is another popular Vietnamese name.

Who is Nguyen?

Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese surname / family name. Outside of Vietnam, the surname is commonly rendered without diacritics as Nguyen. Nguyên is a different surname.


Language(s) Vietnamese
Other names
Variant form(s) Ruan, Won, Yuen

What are common Vietnamese names?

The most common are Le, Pham, Tran, Ngo, Vu, Do, Dao, Duong, Dang, Dinh, Hoang and Nguyen – the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. About 50 percent of Vietnamese have the family name Nguyen. The given name, which appears last, is the name used to address someone, preceded by the appropriate title.

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Is the name Phuc male or female?

Oddly enough, Phoenix is a unisex name in America. We found this surprising because the name has a distinctly masculine resonance. Although we can see how the “rising” phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, would be an interesting choice as a name for either gender.

Where is the name Bich from?

The name Bich is primarily a female name of Vietnamese origin that means Jade, Blue-Green Color.

What does Thien mean?

The name Thien is a boy’s name meaning “sky, heaven”. Also spelled Thiên in Vietnamese, this is the middle name of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s son Pax, adopted from Vietnam in 2007.

What does TAM mean in Vietnamese?

Tam originates in Vietnamese language and it means “heart”.

Is Tian a name?

Tian is a male given name of South African origin. Notable people with the name include: Tian Meyer (born 1988), South African rugby union footballer. Tian Viljoen (born 1961), South African former tennis player.