What do you do when someone dies in Thailand?

What to do if a family member dies in Thailand?

Register the death and obtain a death certificate

The standards of mortuary facilities in Thailand vary greatly. Deaths must be registered in the country where the person died. In Thailand, a local death certificate will be issued by the authorities. It will be written in Thai and available within 2 days of the death.

How do Thai people mourn?

Mourners pray during this time to prevent the deceased from becoming an evil spirit. Finally, everyone placed a flower made of wood on a tray under the casket. The cremation then begins, which takes about an hour to complete. Thai people believe that cremation helps release a person’s spirit into their next life.

What happens when a foreigner dies in Thailand?

Any death of a foreign national or Thai citizen must be reported to the police within 24 hours. In the case of foreign nationals, the police will inform the appropriate Embassy and the next of kin or representative will be notified. The body will be sent to the Examining Magistrate’s office to determine cause of death.

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What to do immediately after someone dies?

To Do Immediately After Someone Dies

  1. Get a legal pronouncement of death. …
  2. Tell friends and family. …
  3. Find out about existing funeral and burial plans. …
  4. Make funeral, burial or cremation arrangements. …
  5. Secure the property. …
  6. Provide care for pets. …
  7. Forward mail. …
  8. Notify your family member’s employer.

How much does a funeral cost in Thailand?

Phra Khru Pariyat showed bills for different funerals at Wat Hua Lamphong: The cheapest was about 8,000 baht, while those that lasted longer and required more items cost more than 50,000 baht, some close to 100,000 baht.

Does Thailand issue death certificates?

Next-of-kin should discuss with their Thai funeral home the cost of obtaining a copy of the autopsy report. … Hospitals are normally able to provide a cause of death, which is required for issuance of a Thai death certificate.

How long is mourning in Thailand?

A year-long period of mourning was subsequently announced. A royal cremation ceremony took place over five days at the end of October 2017.

Lying in State.

Country Singapore
Title Prime Minister
Dignitary Lee Hsien Loong
Date 21 October 2016

Can you be cremated in Thailand?

Most Thais are cremated in accordance with a Buddhist ritual. … At that time the body is taken to a house of a morgue where it may be kept for days or even years until it is cremated. During a Buddhist funeral in Thailand the family of the deceased buys a temple-like bier made of wood and crepe paper.

Can you take ashes to Thailand?

Bringing corpses/human ash into Thailand

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Bringing corpses or human ash into Thailand does not require submitting an Import Declaration Form or Special Declaration Form.

Can foreigners be buried in Thailand?

Further, unless the cause of death is very clear – such as a motorcycle accident – any foreigner who dies in Thailand will have an autopsy performed at the request of the police. People can choose to have their bodies cremated. … It is also possible to arrange burial in a cemetery here in Thailand.

How much does it cost to make a will in Thailand?

The cost of making a Last Will And Testament at Key Visa Company is only 12,000 Thai baht.

Can a foreigner inherit property in Thailand?

The answer to the question ‘can a foreigner inherit land in Thailand’ is yes, as a statutory heir, but he cannot register ownership of the land because he will not be given permission. Under present law he must dispose of the land within a reasonable period (meaning up to 1 year) to a Thai national.