What do colors mean in Vietnam?

What color is bad luck in Vietnam?

Numbers: The Vietnamese believe the number 9 brings luck. 8 is also considered lucky. The 1 and 8 of 18, adding up to 9, are considered auspicious. Colours: White, black, purple and green have negative connotations of death, evil, sadness/fragility and jealousy, respectively.

What does green mean in Vietnam?

The flag of the Republic of Vietnam which was, at the time, yellow with red stripes running horizontally. The red stripes indicate the three ancient empires of Vietnam Tonkin, Annam, and Cochin China, mirroring the Republic of Vietnam’s flag. The green represents the Vietnamese jungles.

What is Vietnamese color?


black đen
purple, violet tía, tím
red đỏ
white trắng
yellow vàng

What colors do Vietnamese like?

Basic Vietnamese Color Meanings

  • Red – happiness, love, luck, celebration.
  • Yellow – wealth, prosperity, royalty, happiness, change.
  • Green – jealousy, lust.
  • Blue – calmness, hope, growth.
  • Purple – nostalgia, sadness, fragility, tenderness.
  • White – purity, death, the end.
  • Black – evil.

What is an unlucky number in Vietnam?

“It was bound to happen,” she says. “Today is the 17th of the Lunar Calendar; seven is an unlucky number so this is an unlucky day!”

What does red and yellow mean in Vietnam?

Vietnam flag has a yellow star on a red background. The yellow star represents the soul of the united nation. Five-pointed parts of the star are associated with five main classes in Vietnam: workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals, and businessmen. The red background symbolizes bloodshed, revolution, and struggle.

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What do the accents in Vietnamese mean?

Vietnamese is a tonal language. Accents are used to denote six distinctive tones: “level” (ngang), “acute-angry” (sắc), “grave-lowering” (huyền), “smooth-rising” hỏi, “chesty-raised” (ngã), and “chesty-heavy” (nặng).