What are some Thailand Christmas traditions?

What are 3 traditions of Christmas?


  • 1 Church attendance.
  • 2 Decorations.
  • 3 Nativity play.
  • 4 Music and carols.
  • 5 Traditional cuisine.
  • 6 Cards.
  • 7 Commemorative stamps.
  • 8 Gift giving. 8.1 Gift-bearing figures.

What are some traditions in Thailand?

A: Here are the famous festivals that make Thailand’s culture and traditions loved by so many people across the world.

  • Songkran (The Water Festival)
  • Loy Krathong (Festival of Lights)
  • Yi Peng Festival.
  • Magha Puja.
  • Visakha Bucha (Buddha’s Birthday)
  • Royal Plowing Ceremony.
  • Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival.

How do Norwegians celebrate Christmas?

Despite Christmas day being the time when most other countries have their main celebrations, Norwegians choose to celebrate on Christmas Eve instead, which is known as “Julaften.” This is when families get together and eat a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal, which is usually followed by holding hands and dancing …

What are some Christmas traditions in other countries?

Our favorite Christmas traditions around the world are loud, proud, and guarantee oodles of festive fun.

  • Giant Lantern Festival, Philippines. …
  • Gävle Goat, Sweden. …
  • Krampus, Austria. …
  • Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner, Japan. …
  • The Yule Lads, Iceland. …
  • Saint Nicholas’ Day, Germany. …
  • Norway.

Which country puts shoes out for Christmas?

1. France. On Christmas Eve, French children put their shoes out by the door of the home to be filled with gifts.

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