What are some landforms in Singapore?

Is Singapore sinking?

As a result of climate change, the sea level around Singapore is also predicted to rise by more than 1m by 2100. … “Wi​thout timely action to protect our coastlines, parts of Singapore could be submerged, impacting our homes and livelihoods,” the agency said.

Who found Singapore for kids?

1819 to 1940

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles set up a British trading town in 1819, and it became an important town in the Malay Archipelago, “Singapore”.

Does Singapore ever get cold?

On 14 February 1989, the climate station at Paya Lebar recorded Singapore’s coldest temperature on record: a relatively chilly 19 degrees. … Perhaps more remarkable than the low of 19 degrees is Singapore’s lowest ever maximum temperature in a day.

Is Singapore Tropical?

Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Many of its climate variables, such as temperature and relative humidity, do not show large month-to-month variation.

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