What animals live in the Son Doong cave?

Is the Son Doong cave fully explored?

The area is not fully explored and many more caves will be discovered in future years. Many of the caves are in the World Heritage site of Phong Nha Ke Bang massif which is one of the largest area’s of limestone in the world.

Is Son Doong worth?

Yes, it is 3000 USD and it books out for a year in two days! I did the Son Doong Cave trip and absolutely loved it! The views are stunning and the trip super professionally done.

What is the story behind the discovery of Son Doong cave?

Local man Ho Khanh discovered Son Doong in 1990 while searching Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park for food and timber to earn a modest income. During his search he stumbled across an opening in a limestone cliff, noticed clouds billowing out from the entrance and heard the sounds of a river raging from somewhere inside.

How many people died in caves each year?

Since 1994, an average of 6.4 people have died each year in the United States in cave-related accidents. More than half of those deaths involved cave divers.

Are there cave dwellers in China?

More than 30 million Chinese people live in caves, many of them in Shaanxi province where the Loess plateau, with its distinctive cliffs of yellow, porous soil, makes digging easy and cave dwelling a reasonable option. … The caves have an important role in modern Chinese history.

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What cave is a must see for fans of neon lights?

The stunning natural geological formations inside China’s Reed Flute Cave are amplified by a riot of electric color. The nooks and crannies inside the limestone cave are stuffed with multicolored lights. Signs of exploration within the cave date back to 792 CE, but it was rediscovered by refugees during World War II.