Quick Answer: What is the punishment for drug trafficking in Indonesia?

What crimes are punishable by death in Indonesia?

There are several crimes which are punishable by death, including murder, robbery, terrorism, and drug offences. Over 60% of death sentences handed down in the country, and half of all executions carried out in the past 20 years, have been for drug related crimes.

Is there capital punishment in Indonesia?

Capital punishment has been a per- sistent feature of the Indonesian legal system, but over the past three decades Indonesia has averaged only two executions per year, with just seven of those put to death being narcotics prisoners.

How long is life sentence in Indonesia?

Under Indonesian law, prisoners serving life terms can apply for a determinant sentence of 20 years. Norman and Chen have for years tried to have their life sentences reduced, but so far not been awarded the reduced sentence. Norman and Chen are the only two members of the Bali Nine now held in Kerobokan jail.

What is the punishment for drug trafficking in China?

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in the People’s Republic of China. It is mostly enforced for murder and drug trafficking, and executions are carried out by lethal injection or gun shot.

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What is Indonesian death penalty?

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Indonesia. Although the death penalty is enforced only sometimes in grave cases of premeditated murder, it is regularly applied to some drug traffickers. Executions are carried out by firing squad.

Are drugs legal in Bali?

Indonesia has one of the strictest anti-drug laws in the world. A person caught with drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine or methamphetamine for personal use can be sentenced to up to four years in prison or forced rehabilitation.

What are the rules in Indonesia?

Basic rules of Indonesian etiquette

  • Never use your left hand for anything. …
  • Remember to remove your shoes or sandals at the door to a house, and don’t show the soles of your feet to anyone.
  • Use your right thumb to point at things – pointing with the index finger is considered rude.

Which countries have the death penalty?

Countries With Death Penalty 2021

  • Bangladesh.
  • China.
  • Egypt.
  • Ethiopia.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Iran.
  • Japan.

How is death penalty done in Singapore?

Executions in Singapore are carried out by hanging and take place at Changi Prison. … In 2012, however, Singapore amended its laws to exempt some cases from the mandatory death sentence. In a survey done in 2005 by the The Straits Times, 95% of Singaporeans believe that their country should retain the death penalty.

What country has the shortest life sentence?

In Switzerland, a life sentence can be given for murder, but under Swiss criminal law “life” doesn’t mean that the perpetrator remains in prison for the rest of their days. + What does “life” mean in Swiss criminal law? After 15 years, sometimes after just ten years, a conditional release is possible.

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What countries have no life sentences?

Other countries that have abolished it include: Mexico, Spain, Vatican City, Norway, Serbia, most South and Central American countries, Mozambique, and Republic of the Congo. But even countries that have abolished the life sentence often keep prisoners incarcerated indefinitely if they pose a threat to public safety.

What does it mean if you are on parole?

Parole is conditional freedom for a prison inmate. The prisoner (called a “parolee”) gets out from behind bars but must live up to a series of responsibilities. A parolee who doesn’t follow the rules risks going back into custody (prison).