Quick Answer: What are the exports and imports of Myanmar?

What is the biggest import in Myanmar?

In 2020, Burmese importers spent the most on the following 10 subcategories of mineral fuels-related goods.

  • Processed petroleum oils: US$2.4 billion (down -30.2% from 2019)
  • Petroleum gases: $156.6 million (up 273.2%)
  • Coal, solid fuels made from coal: $41.7 million (up 48.1%)

What are the exports and imports?

Exporting is the sale of products and services in foreign countries that are sourced or made in the home country. Importing refers to buying goods and services from foreign sources and bringing them back into the home country.

What are Myanmar’s top 3 exports?

The 5 biggest exported goods from Myanmar by value are petroleum gases, unknitted and non-crocheted men’s suits or trousers, dried shelled vegetables, unknitted and non-crocheted women’s clothing and refined copper. Combined, Myanmar’s 5 most valuable exports accounted for 45.8% of the country’s overall exports.

What is Myanmar largest export?

Oil and natural gas dominate Myanmar’s exports. Other exports include vegetables, wood, fish, clothing, rubber and fruits. Myanmar’s main exports partners are China, India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

What does Myanmar import from India?

India’s export to Myanmar includes mustard seeds, pulses and beans, fresh vegetables, fruits and soya bean. On the other hand, India supply clothes, shoes, medicines, woolens and engineering goods to Myanmar.

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Where does Myanmar export to?

In 2019, the top partner countries to which Myanmar Exports All Products include China, Thailand, Japan, United States and Germany.

How do I export goods from Myanmar?

An export must register as a company authorized to engage in international trade and then register as an exporter with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Ministry of Planning and Finance. Registrations can be up to five years. DICA has a One Stop Service (OSS) to facilitate registration.

Which country does Myanmar trade with the most?

For viewing trade, tariff data for country or region by year click here.

Myanmar top 5 Export and Import partners.

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
China 5,754 31.78
Thailand 3,257 17.99
Japan 1,436 7.93
United States 835 4.61

What are the types of imports?

Types of imports

  • One-time import. This handles importing most profile information for both people and organizations. …
  • Recurring import. A list or filter shared by another nation can be imported using the recurring import. …
  • Voter file import. …
  • Ballot import. …
  • Scanned survey import. …
  • Donation import. …
  • Membership import.

What are examples of import?

What is an import?

  • An import is any product that’s produced abroad and then brought into another country. …
  • Imports can be finished products, like cars, TV sets, computers, or sneakers, or they can be raw materials, such as zinc, oil, wood, or grains. …
  • Imports are a vital part of the U.S. and global economy.

What do you mean by imports?

What Is an Import? An import is a good or service bought in one country that was produced in another. Imports and exports are the components of international trade. If the value of a country’s imports exceeds the value of its exports, the country has a negative balance of trade, also known as a trade deficit.

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