Quick Answer: How can I apply for Maid in Malaysia?

How much does it cost to apply for a maid in Malaysia?

It costs between RM12,000 and RM18,000 to hire a maid through an employment agency. File pic.

Can I get a maid now in Malaysia?

Malaysian borders have been closed to all new maids and helpers hired by local families since March 2020. … One legal alternative for Malaysian employers to hire a helper in Covid-19 times is to transfer an existing helper who is legally working for another household to your employment.

How much is maid visa in Malaysia?

To hire a foreign maid via SMO, the potential maid must be in Malaysia on a social visit pass. The new online application system will cut costs for employers as there are no middlemen involved. The cost to hire a maid under SMO is around RM1,600 to RM2,500, which includes levy, deposit and processing fee, among others.

Where can I find a maid in Malaysia?

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  1. Agensi Pekerjaan Kawasama.
  2. Innovedge Maid Agency.
  3. Tazia Maid Agency.
  4. Agensi Pekerjaan Venture Provision (APVP)
  5. YDS Maid Agency.
  6. DG Maid Agency.
  7. E-Job Maid Agency.
  8. Proskills Maid Agency.
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Can I hire maid without agency in Malaysia?

Since the 1st of January this year (2018, just in case anyone waking up from a coma from before 2017 is reading this), our government, specifically, the Immigration Department, introduced the Sistem Maid Online website so that people here can hire foreign domestic workers without going through an agent at a much, much …

How much is Indonesian maid salary in Malaysia?

“Taiwan employers offer Indonesian maids RM2,400 a month while basic salaries are around RM1,700 in Hong Kong. Even Singapore and Brunei pay about RM700 to RM800, so it is no surprise that maids are flocking to other places,” he said, adding that Indonesian maids were paid about RM550 monthly in Malaysia.

How do I get a maid visa?

Steps to issue a UAE housemaid visa by the sponsor

  1. Apply for the maid’s employment permit to enter the country.
  2. After the maid enters the UAE, the sponsor will need to obtain a Medical Fitness Report and register for the Emirates ID.
  3. Apply for the residence stamp on maid’s passport.

How can I apply for maid permit in Malaysia 2019?

Tag: How To Apply Maid Permit In Malaysia 2019

  1. Prepare employment contract with Indonesian Embassy.
  2. Renew her passport. …
  3. Transfer work permit sticker from old passport to new passport. …
  4. Updating an immigration systems of all latest passport information and interlinked with MyEG for upcoming MyEG renewal process.

How much does a maid cost per month?

Maid Services Costs

Type of Schedule Cost
Monthly $100-$250 per visit
One Time $125-$300 per visit
Full Time $1,200-$2,500 per month
Live In $30,000-$60,000 annually
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How much do you pay a live in maid?

Live-in Maids: If you choose to hire a maid that lives with you, they also tend to offer the most services and job duties from babysitting, cooking, cleaning,errands, grocery shopping you name it. But the average cost of a live-in maid is $25,000-50,000 on average per year.

How do I change my employer maid?

Both you and the helper need to sign it. Declaration form that is signed by you and the helper. Contact the current employer to arrange the date for the helper’s transfer.

If you are the new employer

  1. Get the new Work Permit issued.
  2. Upload the Declaration form.
  3. Print the Temporary Work Permit.