Question: Which of the following is the police force of the Kingdom of Laos?

How many police forces are in Laos?

Lao Information Service. 1) National Police. The National Police now includes 2900 men, of whom 500 are stationed in Vientiane Province and the remaining 2400 in the remainder of the territory controlled by the Royal Government.

Was Laos a kingdom?

The Kingdom of Laos was a constitutional monarchy that ruled Laos beginning with its independence on 9 November 1953.

Kingdom of Laos.

Kingdom of Laos 1946–1975
Laotian Civil War 1953–1975
North Vietnamese invasion of Laos 1958–1959
Anti-Communist Insurgency 1975–2007
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 1975–1991

What is the name of the Paris police?

National Police (France)

National Police Police nationale
Overviewed by General Directorate of the National Police
Headquarters Paris, France
Minister responsible Gérald Darmanin, Ministry of the Interior
Agency executive Frédéric Veaux, Director General of the National Police

Does Lebanon have police?

The Internal Security Forces Directorate (Arabic: المديرية العامة لقوى الأمن الداخلي‎, romanized: al-Mudiriyya al-‘aamma li-Qiwa al-Amn al-Dakhili; French: Forces de Sécurité Intérieure; abbreviated ISF) is the national police and security force of Lebanon.

What is the policing system in the Philippines?

There are several police systems in the Philippines. On the national level are the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine Constabulary; at the local level each political entity has its own police force.

Who controlled Laos?

In March 1945 the Japanese took outright administrative control of the remainder of French Indochina, and the following month the independence of Laos was proclaimed. Two movements sprang up at that time.

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