Question: Is YouTube available in Cambodia?

Why did YouTube stop in Cambodia?

The Khmer Times reported that a SEA representative from YouTube “said under the company’s monetisation policy, Cambodian content creators are not allowed to monetise their videos on its channels.” The rep was not able to confirm why all ads on the platform had ceased how they were previously allowed in Cambodia if in …

Who is the biggest Youtuber in Cambodia?

Top Youtube channels

rank Youtuber subscribers
1 Rasmey Hang Meas 5,470,000
2 Paje Team 3,520,000
3 fanKID 2,200,000
4 Tube Survival Wilderness 1,930,000

Can Cambodia Make Money From YouTube?

While Cambodia-based YouTube videos are not eligible for monetisation at all, it’s worth noting that Google Ads does not collect VAT in other countries in the region, including Thailand where monetisation is permitted.

What happened to YouTube ads?

YouTube just changed its rules on video monetization, and YouTube creators aren’t happy. Essentially, Google will now show ads on all videos, even if their creators don’t want ads. And creators won’t get a penny. It’s all in a new section of YouTube’s terms of service called “Right to Monetize.”

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How many Youtubers are there in Cambodia?

As of August 2020, the most popular YouTube channel in Cambodia was Sunday Production Official, with approximately 843.1 million uploaded video views. Comparatively, Khmerload had approximately 58.63 million uploaded video views as of August 2020.

Characteristic Number of uploaded video views in millions

Does YouTube pay the same in every country?

From every single country in which the videos played. Taking a look at the content creator’s earnings, you’ll find that YouTube doesn’t pay out an equal amount per country. … In poorer and less populated Eastern European as well as in some Latin American countries, the company will pay relatively low rates.

How many Facebook pages are there in Cambodia?

There were 7 810 000 Facebook users in Cambodia in April 2019, which accounted for 45.5% of its entire population. The majority of them were men – 59.2%. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (3 600 000).

What are the rules to get monetized on YouTube?

Minimum eligibility requirements to join

Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available. Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Is YouTube partner program available in South Africa?

South African YouTube users were invited yesterday, Thursday 15 July, to apply to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), becoming the 16th country to join the program.

How do I watch YouTube videos without ads?

There are 3 ways to enjoy ad-free videos on YouTube.

  1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium. YouTube fans have the option of subscribing to YouTube Premium to enjoy an ad-free experience when watching the videos. …
  2. Use Ad Blocking Software to Block Ads on YouTube. …
  3. Watch YouTube Videos on a Browser in Your Phone.
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Who owns YouTube now?

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?


  1. Put Your Audience, Rather Than Revenue, First.
  2. Break Your 1,000-Subscriber Goal Into Smaller Goals: 100, 250, 500, and So On…
  3. Define Your Value Proposition on YouTube.
  4. Double Down on YouTube Content That Works.
  5. Identify Which Videos Attract the Most Subscribers.
  6. Create an Engaging YouTube Channel Trailer.

How do YouTubers get paid?

The bulk of YouTubers’ income comes from payments they receive for ads on their channels. Payment for ads is based on the number of clicks on these ads. While this relates to views (the more people who view ads on your channel, the more people are likely to click on them), it has no direct connection to likes.