Question: Is bamboo available in Vietnam?

Does Vietnam have bamboo?

Vietnam has tropical climate with high temperature and humidity, advantageous for growth of bamboo. Bamboo is an important forest resource of Vietnam. According to a forest inventory in 1993, bamboo forests accounted for 11.4% of the total forest area with 5.551 billion culms (Table 1).

What is the national fruit of Vietnam?

Rambutan | Chôm chôm

Rambutan is one of the exotic national fruits of Vietnam.

Does Vietnam have a national anthem?

Vietnam’s national anthem has remained “Ti! n quân ca,” or “Advancing Army Song” since it was selected during the 1945 August Revolution. Although it has been enshrined into modern Vietnamese history, “Ti!

In what countries can bamboo be found?

Bamboos grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America, extending as far north as the southern United States or central China, and as far south as Patagonia. They also grow in northern Australia.

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