Is YouTube popular in Thailand?

Is YouTube big in Thailand?

In Thailand, YouTube is the media king, and influencers are big business.

Can I watch YouTube in Thailand?

Thailand. In 2006, Thailand blocked access to YouTube for users with Thai IP addresses. Thai authorities identified 20 offensive videos and demanded that Google remove them before it would allow unblocking of all YouTube content.

Who is the number 1 YouTuber in Thailand?

Top 1000 YouTube Channels in Thailand

Influencer Subscribers
1 WorkpointOfficial @WorkpointOfficial 34.9M
2 one31 @gmmonetv 31.7M
3 Ch3Thailand @tv3official 29.9M
4 GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL @gmmgrammyofficial 21.2M

Which country use YouTube mostly?

India has the most YouTube users, estimated at 225 million. The United States follows, with 197 million.

How many people watch YouTube in Thailand?

Youtube in Thailand

There are total of 7,822 million total unique visitors per month and 2,144,000 average daily visitors.

Who owns YouTube now?

How do I block YouTube in 2021 by country?

Block a single video

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, select Videos .
  3. Click the video you want to block.
  4. Select the Rights Management tab.
  5. Under the Ownership section, click Specific territories.
  6. Choose an option: …
  7. Click the checkbox next to Block video outside your territories of ownership.
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Is YouTube blocked in China?

Even though Youtube is blocked in China, it’s not illegal to watch it. There is no precedent of anyone being charged with a crime for watching Youtube or using a VPN. China is well aware of the fact that many internet users are accessing blocked websites using VPNs.

How many channel does Thailand have?

There are 6 channels; three of them are government public-owned by MCOT the 2 television channels terrestrial free-to-air Modernine TV and Channel 3; Channel 5 and BBTV Channel 7 are owned by Royal Thai Army; NBT and Thai PBS are fully government-owned.

Which country watches the most YouTube 2021?

YouTube Users by Country in 2021

Now, while looking at the number of YouTube users by country, it is evident that India tops the list. In India, around 225 million users are active on YouTube every hour, according to 2021 statistics. With 197 million users, the USA has the next largest user base for the platform.

Which country has the most YouTube creators?

The Full Breakdown

Country YouTuber Subscribers
United States of America Like Nastya 56,900,000
Belize ngashigi kangleipak 56,300
Djibouti Eman Lotfi 55,700
Cuba Lifeples 538,000