Is Thai basil good on pizza?

Can you use Thai basil in place of regular basil?

Can I substitute basil for Thai basil? You can substitute basil for Thai basil in dishes if that’s all you have. It won’t have that same punch of flavor that Thai basil brings, so it could be worth adding other fresh herbs to help brighten the dish like mint or cilantro.

Can I use Thai basil in Italian cooking?

You can substitute Thai Basil for Italian basil (Sweet or Large Leaf). Keep in mind that Thai basil does have a peppery spiciness, and the flavor profile of the finished dish may be far from what you’re used to eating.

What does basil taste like on pizza?

Basil is quite a strong, sharp herb with an indistinguishable flavor. It has a peppery flavor profile with hints of anise. Its overall taste depends on the type of variety that you have. Sweet basil tends to have a subtle peppery taste with a minty edge.

What is the difference between Thai basil and lemon basil?

Sweet basil has that classic spicy clove flavor that is essential to so many dishes, including pesto. But, Thai basil is also delicious and adds a burst of licorice to curries and stir-fries, and lemon or lime basil has a fresh citrus fragrance and mild lemony flavor so good in tea, marinades, and salad dressings.

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