How much plastic is produced in Indonesia daily?

How much plastic is produced in Indonesia?

Indonesia currently produces 6.8 million tons of plastic waste per year, with only about 10% of it ending up in recycling centers. About 625,000 tons of annual plastic waste ends up in the oceans.

How much plastic gets produced each day?

Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is around 1.6 million square kilometers – bigger than Texas. The world produces 381 million tonnes in plastic waste yearly – this is set to double by 2034.

How much plastic waste does Indonesia import?

Waste imports into Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries surged after China enforced a ban on the import of all waste at the start of 2018. Indonesia’s imports of plastic waste more than doubled that year to 283,000 tons following the ban, according to the national statistics agency.

How much rubbish does Indonesia produce?

Indonesia contributes more than 600,000 tonnes of that, estimates the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made things worse. Discarded masks and other protective gear have added around much more waste to the country’s leaking waste-management system.

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How much waste does Indonesia produce daily?

Indonesia is currently estimated to produce more than 190,000 tons of waste each day, the majority (around 57 percent) of which is organic waste. Plastic is estimated to contribute around 25,000 tons per day to total waste, of which – at least – 20% is believed to end up in rivers and coastal waters.

How polluted is Indonesia?

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the air quality in Indonesia is considered moderately unsafe. The most recent data indicates the country’s annual mean concentration of PM2. 5 is 17 µg/m3 which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3.

Which country produces most plastic waste?

Countries Producing The Most Plastic Waste

Rank Country Plastic waste per capita kilograms per year
1 United States 105.3
2 United Kingdom 98.66
3 South Korea 88.09
4 Germany 81.16

Which country has zero garbage?

Sweden is aiming for zero waste. This means stepping up from recycling to reusing. It is early morning, and 31-year-old Daniel Silberstein collects his bike from the storeroom in his block of flats, but not before he has separated out his empty cartons and packaging into the containers in the shared basement.

What countries suffer from plastic pollution?

Top 10 countries doing the most to tackle plastic pollution

  • Canada. In May 2021, Canada declared plastic a “toxic” substance, paving the way for its proposed ban on most single-use plastics by the end of the year. …
  • Rwanda. …
  • India. …
  • Kenya. …
  • Germany. …
  • Norway. …
  • France. …
  • Chile.
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