How much is a Tesla Model 3 in Singapore?

Why is Tesla so expensive in Singapore?

The small island nation is one of the most expensive countries in the world to own cars because of a large ownership levy enforced by the government in an attempt to reduce congestion on Singapore’s limited road space. Buyers also have to pay sizable excise duties and registration fees.

How much should I pay for Tesla Model 3?

How Much Is a Tesla Model 3? As the cheapest Tesla available, the Model 3 has a lot to offer, including strong range and sleek styling. The rear-drive Standard Range Plus model starts at $45,190, including a $1,200 destination fee. This car has an estimated driving range of 262 miles.

Is Tesla allowed in Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Tesla delivered its first cars – the Model 3 – to customers on Thursday (July 29) morning – five months after the American electric car brand opened its sales portal here, and five years after founder Elon Musk started accepting worldwide pre-bookings for its most affordable car.

How much is a brand new Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 price

The Model 3 has an official starting price of $43,990 for its Standard Range Plus variant, making it the cheapest Tesla car currently offered.

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Why is it expensive to own a car in Singapore?

There are 6 main factors that determine the price of a brand new car in Singapore. They are: 1) Open Market Value (OMV), 2) Additional Registration Fee (ARF), 3) Excise Duty & GST, 4) Certificate of Entitlement (COE), 5) Vehicular Emission Scheme (VES) rebate or surcharge and 6) the local dealers’ margin.

Which is the cheapest Tesla?

Tesla’s second cheapest electric vehicle cost $41,990 at the beginning of 2021 and the lowest priced configuration is now $57,990. The Standard Range model was dropped from the company’s lineup this year, making the Long Range model, which cost $49,990 earlier this year, now the cheapest.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla in Singapore?

He said LTA has been engaging companies to submit specific sandbox applications for case-by-case assessment. Mr Iswaran said the Tesla V3 supercharger, which is only for Tesla vehicles, is expected to shorten charging time to 15 minutes. Typical EV chargers can take up to a few hours to charge a car.

How many electric cars are in Singapore?

Figures from the Land Transport Authority show there were 1,549 electric cars registered here as at the end of June, making up about 0.2 per cent of the 640,247 cars on the road in Singapore. This is up from the 1,217 registered electric cars at the end of last year.