How many people speak English in South East Asia?

Do they speak English in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asian English is the English spoken in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore English (similar to British English), Malaysian English (similar to British English), Brunei English (similar to British English), Philippine English (similar to American English), Thai English, and possibly Hong Kong English.

Do people in South Asia speak English?

English was introduced to South Asia in the early 17th century and reinforced by the long rule of the British Empire. Today it is spoken as a second language by about 33 million people, 3% of the total population.

Is English widely spoken in Asia?

The good news is that English is widely spoken throughout the majority of Asia — even on the islands.

Where is English spoken in Southeast Asia?

English as used in South-East Asia falls into two broad types: second-language varieties in countries that were formerly colonies or protectorates of an English-speaking power (Britain in the case of BRUNEI, Malaysia, and Singapore; the US in the case of the Philippines); and foreign-language varieties in Cambodia/ …

How common is English in Asia?

Asia has relatively few native English speakers, but a large number of people speak English as a second or foreign language. While it’s difficult to say exactly how many people speak English across the vast continent of Asia, Ethnologue estimates it to be around 460 million.

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Why is English so common in South Asia?

Just as in the Caribbean, the English Language arrived in South Asia as a result of colonisation. Unlike its history in the Caribbean, however, English has always co-existed in the Indian subcontinent alongside thousands of local languages. So for most of the population, it has only ever been a second language.

How many languages are spoken in East Asia?

There are more than 4.3 billion people speaking nearly 2,300 living languages across Asia. You’ve probably considered some of the common ones, like Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. But there are a lot of other widely spoken languages that may not be as familiar to you.

Which country speaks English the most?

Which Countries Have the Most English Speakers?

  • United States: 268M. …
  • India: 125M. …
  • Pakistan: 94M. …
  • The Philippines: 90M. …
  • Nigeria: 79M-100M. …
  • The United Kingdom: 59.6M. …
  • The Netherlands: 15M English Speakers. …
  • Denmark: 4.8M English Speakers.

Is Philippines fluent in English?

The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking nations with majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos.

Who speak better English in Asia?

Singapore has come out tops in terms of English language proficiency among the 25 Asian nations in the ninth edition of Education First’s English Proficiency Index (EPI) which anaylsed the English skills of non-native English speaking countries and regions globally.

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Do Japanese speak English?

Yet despite this growth, studies estimate that less than 30 percent of Japanese speak English at any level at all. Less than 8 percent and possibly as little as 2 percent speak English fluently.