How many immigrants are in Thailand?

Does Thailand have a lot of immigrants?

The vast majority of Thailand’s migrant stock comes from just three countries – Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Myanmar. … Of the 4 – 5 million migrants that estimated to be living and working in Thailand, about 1 – 2.5 million are thought to hold irregular status.

How many people migrate to Thailand each year?

Thailand immigration statistics for 2015 was 3,913,258.00, a 21.37% increase from 2010. Thailand immigration statistics for 2010 was 3,224,131.00, a 49.03% increase from 2005. Thailand immigration statistics for 2005 was 2,163,447.00, a 72% increase from 2000.

Where do Thailand migrants come from?

In 2017, there is an estimate of 41,000 internally displaced persons, 3.0-4.5 million migrant workers, 480,000 stateless persons, 110,000 skilled professionals and 100,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand. They come mostly from Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Vietnam and Myanmar.

What happens if you enter Thailand illegally?

What are the penalties? The fine for overstaying is 500 Baht per day, reaching a maximum fine of 20,000 Baht (when overstaying 40 or more days). When overstaying for a significant amount of time (90 days or more days), it is a serious offense that you could face deportation and ban from entering Thailand.

Why Myanmar migrate to Thailand?

Cross border migration between Myanmar and Thailand has occurred for centuries. … Thailand’s economic growth and labour shortages in Thailand have been the pull factors and opportunity for workers from neighbouring countries.

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How can I move to Thailand?

How to Move to Thailand. Expats who want to move to Thailand will need to secure an appropriate visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate before relocating to the country. For most expats over 50 years in age the best option is the Retirement Visa, which can be used for multiple entries over a one-year period.

What is the net migration rate of Thailand?

The current net migration rate for Thailand in 2021 is 0.277 per 1000 population, a 0.72% decline from 2020. The net migration rate for Thailand in 2020 was 0.279 per 1000 population, a 0.36% decline from 2019. The net migration rate for Thailand in 2019 was 0.280 per 1000 population, a 0.36% decline from 2018.