How do I top up my prepaid SIM card in Singapore?

Can you top up a prepaid SIM card?

Topping up your SIM card. … Prepaid SIM cards may come with an initial credit, but this is mostly only to be used as an appetizer and good for start-up and a short time only. For your convenience, you can think of topping it up right away at the point of purchase.

How do you put money on your SIM card?

How can I add money to my SIM card? Usually, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card with money on it – in the package amount that you choose. If your credit runs low and you need to add more money to your SIM, you can do this at a mobile store or post office.

Do prepaid SIM cards expire Singapore?

Prepaid Validity Expiry

All StarHub Prepaid SIM cards are valid for up to 180 days from the date of activation of the prepaid card. Customers will need to top up the SIM before the expiry date to extend the card validity period.

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How do I top up my M1 prepaid data?

Simply download the M1 Prepaid App, login to M1 Prepaid Portal or dial #100*3# and let the magic happen.

How can I recharge my SIM card online?

How to Make Prepaid Mobile Recharge Online?

  1. Enter the phone number you want to carry out the online recharge for.
  2. Select the option from Prepaid/ Postpaid.
  3. Select your mobile operator.
  4. Select the circle you belong to.
  5. Check the online recharge plans designed exclusively for you or fill in the amount you want to recharge.

How can I top up someone else’s phone?

Online or website means going to the mobile provider’s internet site to top-up. You will need a credit / debit card for payment. This option may also be used to top-up credit on someone else’s account. Your bank may also allow you to top-up yours or another’s mobile account.

Can you top up your mobile online?

On, you can get your mobile top-up online in a few simple steps: Start by selecting your UK mobile provider and the amount of call credit or mobile data you’d like to purchase. Enter your email address and select a payment method. You can choose from PayPal, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.

How do I reload Singtel prepaid?

Top-up and Balance

  1. Top-up online at hi! Account (Free Access)
  2. Use My Singtel app.
  3. Top-up at any Self-service Automated Machine (SAM), DBS/POSB ATM or AXS Station.
  4. Dial *1355 via a Singtel Postpaid Line.

How do I reactivate my prepaid card?

Call the customer service department for the SIM card you have and provide them with the phone number. Make a payment to add minutes to the pre-paid account. This will reactivate the SIM card. If you did not previously own the SIM card or use the phone number, you can ask to have the number changed.

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How do I top up Singtel $2?

Customers can top-up by inserting $2 worth of coins or a chip phonecard and pressing the “EASY Top-Up” hot button. Voice prompts, available in English, Mandarin, Bengali and Tamil, will guide them through the simple process (Please refer to Annex A for illustration of the payphone).

How do prepaid SIM cards work?

A prepaid SIM card is purchased for a set amount that acts as a credit balance with the provider. As talk time and other services are used, the company makes charges against the credit amount. If the credit drops to zero, service is immediately discontinued.

How much does M1 charge for data?

Excess SMS is charged at 5.35 cents each and MMS is charged at 35.31 cents each. Excess usage above the Free Local Data Bundle is charged at $11.99 per GB. M1 bill charges are not subject to any cap.

Early Re-contract.

Month of Contract Early Re-contract Fee
18thto 20th month $200
21st to 24th month No Fee

How can I buy data from my phone?

Check your mobile plan & buy mobile data on Android

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Tap Google. Mobile data plan. To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status. To buy more data: Under “Buy data,” tap the offer you want. Then tap Buy.