Frequent question: How much are cell phone plans in Thailand?

How much is cell phone service in Thailand?

Choosing the best SIM Card in Thailand

These cell phone sims are either free (requiring a top up) or 199 baht (one week) and 299 baht (two weeks) of varying combinations of talk or net time. They can be topped up at any 7/11 or phone company store. Every Phone SIM card in Thailand will have a talk, data or combo plan.

How much is a data plan in Thailand?

DTAC: daily internet ranges from 19-49 THB depending on amount used; weekly unlimited internet is 59 THB; monthly internet ranges from 299-799 THB; depending on amount used. Calling plans start at 29 THB a day.

How do I get a phone plan in Thailand?

If you are staying in Thailand for a week or less, getting a mobile data plan at the airport is probably the best and most convenient option. Long-stay tourists, on the other hand, are advised to sign up for a mobile data plan at one of the service providers’ stores which can be found at local malls.

Are cell phones cheap in Thailand?

For visitors to Thailand, buying a new mobile or cell phone in Bangkok is often on top of the list of things to do. Cheap, with thousands of brands, colors and designs, and easy to get cell phone service for, buying a mobile phone in Bangkok is a breeze.

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Which mobile network is best in Thailand?

AIS secured the first place in the 4G availability with a remarkable score of 94.9%, followed by dtac and TrueMove H with 92.3% and 91.6% respectively. dtac jumps into the lead in download speed experience.

What does a Thailand phone number look like?

Within Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Samut Prakan: 02-2134567. Outside Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Samut Prakan: 02-2134567. Outside Thailand: +66-2-2134567 (the initial 0 of the area code is omitted)

Can I buy Thai SIM card online?

There are few advantages of booking Thai SIM card online: You can get your Thai SIM card for about half price.

Can you buy SIM cards at 711?

A handy option for anyone looking to fill up on fuel or Krispy Kreme doughnuts, 7-Eleven also provides a number of mobile phone accessories and SIM cards for those who need one in a hurry.