Does pine grow in Indonesia?

Do pine trees grow in Indonesia?

The Sumatran tropical pine forests is a tropical coniferous forest ecoregion on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Do pine trees grow in other countries?

They don’t really grow much in tropical areas because of the presence of broad leaf trees. Among the Northern Hemisphere, they are mostly found in Northern America, China, South-East Asia, Russia, and Europe. Some varieties can also be found in North Africa.

What country has the most pine trees?

Suriname is the most forested country in the world.

Is Pine a tropical?

There are more than 100 species of pine found around the world, and though they’re common to cold climates, many species of pine flourish in tropical climates. There’s no winter in the tropics, so pines in these locales aren’t subject to freezing temperatures and dramatic changes in moisture or light.

Do pine trees grow in Africa?

For one thing, the pines, firs and cedars of Europe and America are not native to sub-Saharan Africa. … But given the fact that foreign pines grow well only in a few of the microclimates, and that most of the population is African, the Tannenbaum tradition is not tenacious.

Where do pine trees grow USA?

The bristlecone pine grows naturally in mountainous areas of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Arizona, often at even higher elevations than the subalpine fir. (Grows in hardiness zones 4 to 7.)

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Where do pine trees grow in Africa?

The pine tree species invades large areas and more specifically fynbos vegetation. Fynbos vegetation is a fire-prone shrubland vegetation that is found in the southern and southwest cape of South Africa. It is found in greater abundance close to watercourses.

Where is pine wood grown?

Radiata pine is a native of North America, growing naturally in three localities: a narrow stretch of coast in Southern California and two small islands off the coast of Mexico.

Where is Suriname forest?

Forests are virtually everywhere in Suriname, covering 95% of the country’s total land area.