Can Thai people understand Burmese?

Is Thai spoken in Myanmar?

It is also spoken in pockets of Kachin State in Myanmar, in Northern Thailand and decreasingly in Assam. Shan is a member of the Tai–Kadai language family and is related to Thai.

Shan language.

Tai Yai
Pronunciation [lik.táj]
Native to Myanmar, Thailand, China

What language is Burmese closest to?

Burmese and the closely related Lolo dialects belong, together with the Kachinish and Kukish languages of Myanmar and neighbouring countries, to the Tibeto-Burman group of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

How many people speak Burmese in Thailand?

Census data

Language Language family No. of speakers (2000)*
Burmese Sino-Tibetan 67,061
Akha Sino-Tibetan 54,241
English Indo-European 48,202
Tai Tai-Kadai 44,004

Is Burmese an easy language to learn?

The fast answer is that Burmese is pretty hard. The slow answer will take some time to unpack. Vocabulary – Burmese has a lot of loans words from English so this can help speed up your language learning. Grammar – The grammar is subject-object-verb unlike English which therefore takes some getting used to.

Is Burmese similar to Japanese?

The Japanese language has a similar grammar structure as Burmese so they find the language easy to learn, except for kanji [the Chinese characters that are one of the three scripts used in Japanese] because they didn’t learn it before,” said Su Mon Win.

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Why are there so many Burmese in Thailand?

Burmese migrants are sold into slave labor, physically abused, and left hungry. Those living in rural poverty in Myanmar are attracted to Thailand because of its relative prosperity. Traffickers lure Burmese families with false promises of work and good wages.

Where do Burmese live in Thailand?

Samut Sakhon Province is home to Thailand’s largest Burmese migrant community, representing about 200,000 Burmese migrants.

Is Thai hard to learn?

Ultimately, Thai is not much more difficult than other languages. There are some areas that can prove hard as we have just mentioned, but with perseverance and dedication, you can learn. Taking time to practice consistently is key. One way to help you learn is using language learning apps such as the Ling App app.