Can I buy iPhone in Malaysia?

Can I buy iPhone from us and use in Malaysia?

If you are wondering if you can use your device with a Malaysian carrier, there would be no problem since your iPhone is unlocked. If you are wondering about your warranty, the Apple Limited Warranty ensures your iPhone can be serviced internationally at certified Apple Stores.

Is iPhone cheaper in Malaysia?

Apple iPhone 11 price in Malaysia starts at Rs 57,650 and is almost Rs 7,250 cheaper. In Malaysia, Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) sells at 3,399 Malaysian Ringgit after taxes which translates to around Rs 57,650 in India.

Is there any official Apple store in Malaysia?

KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — The latest edition of The Edge Malaysia has reported that Apple may soon open its first retail store in the country as early as next year. This would be the first Apple Store in Malaysia and it is said to be located at The Exchange TRX, the new financial and business hub of Malaysia.

Is iPhone cheaper in Singapore or Malaysia?

Survey shows iPhone XS cheaper in KL than Singapore, branded sneakers among cheapest worldwide. … Malaysia is ranked 30th out 40 cities when it comes to getting an iPhone XS. The 2019 edition of Deutsche Bank’s “Mapping the World’s Prices” shows people here forking out US$1,378 (RM5,775) for the smartphone.

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How can I check my iPhone is original?

By looking up the serial number, you can verify whether or not it’s in Apple’s database. Locate the serial number on the iPhone by tapping “Settings,” choosing “General” and selecting “About.” Scroll down to “Serial Number,” and keep the screen open or write down the number.

What is LL iPhone set?

The LL/A suffix simply indicates the region where the phone is designed to be used, in this case USA. It does not, in any way indicate quality of the phone. The LL/A suffix simply indicates the region where the phone is designed to be used, in this case USA.

In which country iPhone is most expensive?

The maximum price for the phones is seen in Brazil. Turkey also ranks as the costliest place to get some models of the new iPhone series.

Will iPhone XR price drop in Malaysia?

The prices for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR in Malaysia have now been lowered by RM500 , following Apple’s official launch of the latest iPhone 12 series today. You can now get the iPhone 11 starting at RM2,899 and the iPhone XR from RM2,399.

Can I email Apple?

Apple has no published email address for Customer Service. Apple handles most issue, technical and customer service, only via telephone or in-person at an Apple Store. As Miriam suggested, you can call Customer Relations if you have an issue that you can’t resolve in another way. Regards.

Does Apple accept installment?

Apple Card Monthly Installments is a payment option available to select at checkout for certain Apple products purchased at Apple Store locations,, the Apple Store app, or by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE, and is subject to credit approval and credit limit. … See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more information.

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How can I buy Apple stock in Malaysia?

To buy an Apple share, first you must register on the online trading platform. After a fairly easy registration on the online investment platform, you have full access to information about Apple shares, such as: its trading price, the number of days it was purchased, and the strike price.