Best answer: What tea do Vietnamese drink?

What is the best tea in Vietnam?

Green tea is by far the most popular tea that comes out of Vietnam. The green teas are consumed stronger and generally, nothing is added to the teas. Vietnamese tea was known only within its Asian borders for many years.

What tea do they serve at Vietnamese restaurants?

Jasmine tea, a jasmine-scented tea, usually with a green base tea, is most common in Vietnamese restaurants, and is sometimes also served in Chinese restaurants. Jasmine tea is distinctive, and is often described as floral or perfumey.

What kind of tea is Tra Da?

In most cases, trà đá is essentially green tea to which flavours – such as jasmine, lotus, and pandan – are added.

What does Vietnamese tea taste like?

A tea worthy of your tastebuds! The infused leaf from these jet black, medium sized Vietnam black tea leaves yields a sweet aroma. The golden cup has a distinctive spicy/nutty flavor. Enjoy this tea by itself or try blending with your other favorite black teas.

What does oolong tea taste like?

Oolong tea usually tastes floral, fruity, and has a thick mouthfeel. Even if some oolong teas have a “grassy” flavor, the taste should be quite light. In no circumstances should a oolong have a “strong and refreshing green tea taste”. Infused oolong tea leaves before the roast.

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