Best answer: What Muay Thai fighter has the most fights?

Why do Muay Thai fighters have so many fights?

To earn some extra money, Muay Thai fighters have to fight multiple times in a month. That does not mean they will earn millions of dollars. Some of the fighters fight several times a month because they love their lifestyle and gym. Some younger fighters, fight more to earn more in order to make a living.

Are there any undefeated Muay Thai fighters?

Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn (Thai: นำศักดิ์น้อย ยุทธการกำธร, born October 13, 1979) is a retired Muay Thai fighter from Thailand.

Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn
Years active 1987–2010
Kickboxing record
Total 300
Wins 280

Which country has the best Muay Thai fighters?

While there are high-level fighters who come from the America, as a whole, North Americans have been behind the rest of the world forever. Countries like France, England, Australia, Russia, Sweden, and many Eastern European countries have continually produced some of the top Muay Thai fighters outside of Thailand.

Why is Muay Thai not popular?

Objectively Muay Thai does not operate in the same spheres as other combat sports in the world. Although the sport has strong foundations in Thailand it cannot be said that the influence and popularity of the sport has translated as well throughout the rest of the world.

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