Best answer: What animals live in Halong Bay?

Are there sharks in Halong Bay?

No sharks, and the water was immaculately clean.

How many species of animals inhabit Halong Bay?

As a result, Halong Bay contains thousands of species of flora and fauna. In 2008, the Halong Bay Management Department concluded that more than 2,949 species call the area home, with 102 species listed as rare, even on a worldwide scale.

What are the plants and animals that live at Halong Bay?

It is estimated that there are more than 1,000 species of plants in forests and on islands, and over 1,150 species of animals. Explore any one of these forests and rainforests, and eagle-eyed tourists will be able to spot deer, mink, squirrels and monkeys, as well as bird life.

Why is Halong Bay important?

For hundreds of years, Halong Bay has been an important part of the culture and history of Vietnam. … There are over 200 species of fish and over 450 species of mollusks in the waters around the bay. These waters now help sustain a community of fisherman, many of them living on floating junks in the water.

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